Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time for a Shvitz

Need to kill half a day in Vegas by yourself but are down to your last $25?

That pretty much rules out gambling, with the possible exception of five cent video poker.  If you really want a taste of the high life, why not spend a few hours at a spa.

Granted, this may not be for everyone.  However, my trip to Vegas is never complete without a visit.  A spa in Las Vegas is an easy way to experience a level of luxury and decadence which anywhere else would require that you stay in a hotel that may cost five or ten times what you spent on yours.  By that measure, it may just be one of the best values that Vegas has to offer.  This might also be a good option for people who don't otherwise seem to care for Las Vegas, or those who just need some peace and quiet.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tips on Planning a Group Trip to Vegas

Getting the gang back together in Vegas?  Good call.  But here are some suggestions to think about before you go through with it.

Who is going, and why?

Lots of people love visiting Vegas, but different people may like it for different reasons.  Here are some reasons people might want to go to vegas:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Contrarian View on Resort Fees

In some hotel markets, particularly in hypercompetitive resort areas such as Las Vegas, hotels impose mandatory "resort fees" on customers.  I used to use terms like "diabolical" and other pejoratives to describe resort fees and the hotels that imposed them.  However, I recently have turned the corner on this issue and boldly go where no blogger has been before - to say that they can actually lower the price you will pay for your hotel.