Monday, July 9, 2012

An Open Letter to the Mayor and citizens of Baker, California

Part 1: The Plan
Part 2: Baker
Part 3: The Buffet
Part 4: Monday (arrival)
Part 5: Tuesday
Part 6: Wednesday
Part 7: Thursday
Part 8: Friday (departure)

Dear Mayor and citizens:

Stopping in Baker for gas and coffee at the Arco AM-PM station, it was hot.  That, we were prepared for.  However, we were completely blindsided by the fact that the World's Tallest Thermometer has fallen into disrepair, and no longer displays the temperature.

The World's Tallest Thermometer has always been a milepost and beacon of hope to weary California travelers that says two things:

  1. Congratulations.  You are only 88 miles from Las Vegas.
  2. Congratulations.  You can take the heat, which today is ?? degrees.

However, the World's Tallest Thermometer is broken, and thus fails in its second function.  Please fix it.  I can't brag or blog how hot I was able to stand if I don't know how hot it was.


A hot and sweaty traveler

P.S. the restrooms at the Arco station are in a condition similar to that of the World's Tallest Thermometer.



  1. U know mayor of baker and its citizens should be ashamed they advertise they have the worlds tallest thermometer and can't fix it just tear it down would be better if u 2 cheap to fix it

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